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Wise Gardening during the Dry Winter Months

The best time to use water responsibly is when there is water to use responsibly.  When the rainy season is upon us, we don’t fuss too much about irrigation, but how can we be water-wise in the garden when we use more water in a time where we should be using less?  

Here are a few tips you can follow to be more water savvy in your garden during the dry season: 

Soil and Mulch 

The two most important factors when being water-smart in a garden are what soil and mulch to use.  Both have the ability to be water-saving and/or water wasting.  Healthy soil can store and process large amounts of water while quality mulch is the best way to preserve water in your soil.  It is an effective way of feeding your soil while regulating temperatures.  Unhealthy mulch and soil will not hold water, thereby wasting water when irrigating. 

Choose your plants 

By planting water-friendly plants, you reduce not only the amount of water needed for irrigation but also cut down on the number of times you need water.  It is also important to remember to remove weeds.  Weeds are water-eaters and steal water from your plants. Water-friendly plants not only require less water but also less attention.


Ways of saving water when it comes to watering your plants are to either use a bucket instead of a hose or by watering early in the morning instead of during the day when temperatures are at the highest.  Another alternative method is by using drip irrigation or installing a Greywater Harvesting System. Grey water harvesting systems are the ideal way to give a new purpose to second-hand water that is mildly used. 

Inspect your plumbing 

Always have a look in and around your house for leaky faucets or pipes and fix immediately.  A leaky faucet or pipe can undo all the water saving strategies that you have implemented at home.  

Be a water-wise homeowner.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you implement a water saving strategy in and around your home!

Water is a scarce resource

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