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Rainwater Harvesting the Ideal Solution to our Water Shortage

Rainwater Harvesting the Ideal Solution to our Water Shortage

Rainwater Harvesting the Ideal Solution to our Water Shortage

The largest environmental challenge that South Africans are facing today is the scarcity of water and the availability thereof.  Current water usage already exceeds the demand and more so the renewable supply.  Many alternatives have been implemented, mostly in the Western Cape, but none more popular than the Rainwater Harvesting System.  

It does make a difference 

Rainfall harvesting from flat or slightly elevated surfaces does help when it comes to reducing water usages from the mainline water supply.  The potential for rainwater harvesting varies from area to area but none the less water scarcity can impact any province at any time. 

Make it work at home 

Installing a Rainwater Harvesting system at home is one of the most proficient ways in which homeowners can contribute to a water shortage crisis.  By reducing pressure on the municipal supply, you ultimately help by saving water and allowing it to be used in areas where it is needed most. 

Install at your place of business 

It might sound a bit strange to install a Rainwater Harvesting System at work, but considering how many people work in your office, how many times a day they use the bathroom and how many cups of coffee pass your door, installing such a system is a good way for any kind of business to save money.  The more people that are on your premises, the more water is used. Even small amounts of water add up when you have numerous employees. 

Small-scale farming or gardening solutions 

For those who farm on a small scale or those who love spending time in the garden, Rainwater harvesting systems can be the ideal solution for irrigating your plants or vegetables.  Water restrictions make it difficult to provide your greens with the right amount of water on a daily basis.  Rainwater Harvesting Systems gives you the freedom to water your plants according to your specifications and again reducing water demand from the mainline water supply. With various sizes available you can choose the tank that suits your needs the best. 

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Water is a scarce resource

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