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Grey Water Reduce with Reuse

Grey Water Reduce with Reuse

Grey Water Reduce with Reuse

Grey Water Reduce with Reuse. Did you know that less than 3% of the earth’s water supply consists of fresh water? From this, nearly 68% is found in glaciers and ice caps, leaving just a little over 30% that comes from surface water, lakes and rivers.  With growing populations over the world, we find ourselves in a water-scares society where collecting, saving and reusing water has become as compulsory as breathing.  Collecting and storing harvested water is a step in the right direction, but there is another option that people often frown upon – grey water harvesting.

Grey water reduces fresh water use

 Simply put, the best way to preserve fresh water is by reducing the demand thereof.  The least complicated solution for this is not only reducing usage and saving water but reusing what would otherwise go down the drain. Grey water is semi-used water that comes from hygienic fittings around your home. Be it showers, tubs, basins or washing machines.  It contains small amounts of dirt, soap, grease and chemicals.

What you put in, is what you get out 

It is important to remember that what ever you use in your shower, bath or sinks, is what pours into your system for reuse.  This means what ever chemicals you use to wash your dishes, do your laundry or clean yourself goes into your water.  It is not possible to keep grey water 100% clean, but you can use products that are eco-friendly.  

It is also worth noting that water from the kitchen and washing machine contains more pollutants than that used in the bathroom.  One can separate these by installing proper systems.  If you use grey water to irrigate your lawn, for example, you can use water from the washing machine and kitchen sinks.  The chemical contents are higher, but pot plant soil and grass can easily maintain itself.  If you use grey water to irrigate your vegetable- or herb garden, using water from the shower or bath is a better option as it contains fewer salts and chemicals. 

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Water is a scarce resource

Stop wasting drinking water and install a grey water system