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Rainwater Harvesting: Getting the best from you rainwater

Rainwater Quality

Rainwater Harvesting - How to Ensure you get the Best from your Rainwater

Take preventative measures to ensure the cleanliness of your rooftop rainwater. This is the best and most efficient way to improve the quality of the water collected in your tank.

Here are a three easy to follow steps you can take to improve your catchment:

Prevent leaf litter and debris

If you have trees overhanging on your rooftop, it is recommended that you install a leaf litter guard or a leaf litter diverter.  As the name says, it prevents leaves and other debris from entering your rainwater storage tank.  Leaves can cause discolouration of water and, in some cases, even promote the growth of microorganisms.

Keep your roof clean

Prevent contaminants like bird droppings building up on your roof. People who live near forestry or along the coastline should monitor their rooftops more regularly than people living in populated areas. Preventing bird droppings is a near impossible task, but cleaning your roof at least twice a year will minimize any impact it can have on your water supply. Also, check your gutter and pay attention to sludge build up.

Keep it tidy around your tank

Insects and bugs are attracted to water.  By keeping it clean around your tank, you can prevent insects, such as mosquitoes, from entering your water supply. You can do this by sealing or covering it with a mesh. Keep in mind that the majority of tanks you can buy, are designed with your health in mind and comes standard equipped with a suitable cover.  Some do not require additional sealing or preventative measures, but checking your tank regularly and maintaining it, is always a good idea.   

Rainwater Harvesting does not require a lot of effort.  Monitoring and maintaining your system, rooftop and pipes are inexpensive.  Paying attention to these details, and attending to them as they arise will ensure that the quality of water you use, is suitable in and around your house. 

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